Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Guess Who's Back...?

Hello my lovely little foxes!! (That was so cheesy...) If anyone still reads this blog or even cares about it, I'm back :) I got a Diamond Membership for Christmas, so I got the adorable pet Polar Bear!!

Aren't they just so cute? If you missed your chance on these I'm sorry, I'm sure they'll come to the Diamond Shop soon!! In other news, today's new item is the fluffy Knitted Hat!! I'm glad it came back in stores!!

It comes in Blue, Raspberry, Teal, Tan, Black, Blue, Raspberry with Pink and Blue with Brown! Lots of colors to choose from!! Have you heard about the new AJ Mobile App? If you haven't already, I'll tell ya!

Look at that! That wolf is so... 3D!! I've heard it's in the Beta Stage, if you get it be sue to comment about it below! It's only available on Android Devices. For more Pictures and such look below...

                                                                   See ya, Jammers!