Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Large trunk + phantom items :o

Hi guys its 11flower here. Today we have some new items! YAY! :D
These items are in the diamond shop.

Woah! only one diamond that is a pretty good deal.

 The bunny claw is going away :'(
We have another item here today and it is the Large Trunk and you can find this item in the royal ridge.
Don't forgot to buy the clearance items they are going away o:

And if you guys are celebrating Halloween, what are you going to dress up as?
Thanks! Byeee

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello :L

Hello I am Court or Cnm1213 if you want it proper for animal jam.I am a very random person so be prepared to see derpy posts every time i say something.Its normal. I was invited to the blog a couple weeks ago but since i'm noob like it took forever to finally make a post so lets just throw confetti everywhere since Court still doesn't understand but is improving yaaaaay! (Insert a confetti cannon shooting confetti everywhere) I will mostly be someone writing stories since thats what i signed up for.I think... So i'll be seeing you around (Peace out)

Hi Flower here!

Hello I am a new author here, and I am pretty excited.
I will be posting on Tuesday, my username is 11flower
Thanks birdy for letting me be an Author. :D

Hey guys...Bad news! I'm a.... IM A... NONMEMBER!! Oh just look at my pain... Such a poor soul...

Oh gosh, its hurts me to look at myself... Well psssh, you don't care about that stuff! TODAYS NEW ITEM IS... The Chest of Gems!! To bad I can't swap gems into real money.... I COULD BUY A CAR!! (30,000)

Well, in other news I havn't been posting much... I need new authors! I can barely take a screenshot on this computer! It takes a while... But at my dads, his computers much faster!! So I will more and likely post on the days im with him. Thats why I need authors! (please dont ask personal questions)

Heres the sign up sheet...

What do you want to write?(Author, Story writer, idea person, ect..):
Why do you want to be one?:
Some things about you:
When can you post?:

I hope to get wonderful authors!  I can't wait to see the people who sign up!
Sorry for the short post, don't have time! 
Guess what?!
teehee c:
Well, bye guys!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're Back!

Hey!! We're back, posted on the update like I said! Well todays pretty exciting, The pet monkeys are back!
                                                         They were an old Member Gift.

Aww, There so fluffy and cute AAH!! Sorry you had to see that.... Anyways, There some more exciting stuff today, a new GAME!

It is actually Quite fun, it's called Spot On. It's kind of hard, but I liked it. Try it if you already havn't! Or if you have, play it again! Man.... I can't believe I got llama wrong though! Anyways, some more good news! Pandas are back!

Yay! Also, be sure to watch that video, I didn't really get it but.... Maybe you will. Please say what you think! Well one more page today, and a new item!

Halloween is coming to those who celebrate! Can't wait to eat all that candy... Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.... And what a cute wheelbarrow Planter! I see real versions of those all the time... Well Have a great day, guys!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hey guys! I'm sorry for not posting in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.... Been through quite a lot of stuff! I'll be posting next update, Can't wait to start blogging again!! If anyone still even reads this blog xD And bad news... One of my closest friends which is the other writer for this blog has quit :( I'm looking for new blogs and I'm in DESPERATE need of them! So don't be alarmed if you never see molly anymore... Well before she quit she changed her username to xxhollytailxx... but I NEED NEW AUTHORS!