AJELT Author Tryouts

Alright, this is how you can become an AJELT Author. You must fill these things out...

When you can Post?:
Why do you want to be an author?:
Hope I get more authors!!


  1. Username:(on aj) CNM1213
    What you want to write:(As in do you want to be a story writer or something)Story writer and Author :3
    Why you want to be one:Because you said so Birdy XD
    Some things about you:You know me well enough i believe Birdy ouo
    When can you post:Whenever you want me too and if i can find something to write about

  2. Heh, Thanks cnm ACCEPTEEED say your email so I can Email it you the invite.

  3. Username: strawberryjam1215
    Email: corgisandfluff@gmail.com
    When you can Post?: Twice a week, any day.
    Why do you want to be an author?: I love writing, and I love to give information about things that are going on. I have experience and am an author on another blog. I've been playing AJ since 2013 and know a lot about it.

    1. I think i found you on Chickensmoothie. Are you Vulpesvulpes?