Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lucky Clover Tie!

Hey, guys!
To start off my post, Todays new item...

The Clover Tie!
Show your early lucky spirit for St. Patrick's day!

In other news... I need more authors!
School has got me going insane, testing... Ew.
If you would like to be an author, fill out the form in the "AJELT Author Try outs."
Thank you to everyone who joins this blog!

Many of you have seen the new animal, the owl!!

Isn't such a cutie...?
Speaking of new animals... A new pet from yesterday!

I'm saving up, I have 2 diamonds.

Well, it's the end of my post, but I have something...
My first fox, Little Shyfox!

See ya, my little birdies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Hey guys!! Sooooo sorry I haven't been posting...
To start of my post, I have a spoiler...!!!

No, the Owls aren't out yet... But they are in the new adventure!! At least we know there pretty stinking ADORABLE!! You can also be an eagle in the new Adventure!!

In other news, there no new items today... Odd, right...? Well, It's late and I gotta go!

                                                                         See Ya!