Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello Jammers! Welcome to AJELT! It's not quite done but I'm Working on it! I'm a Nonmember right now but I'm going to be a member again soon! 

~Non Member Sadness..~ 

Well hey, Anyone have any plushies for trade? I'm a collector! I'm Birdy12447, My den's usually unlocked! I will post some drawings on here too! I'm pretty good! Well, here's a drawing of Happy Happywolf! (that sad, little wolf :3) 


Happy Jamming!


  1. Oh, if you want, I could help design the blog if you would like! I love designing things!

  2. wow your picture looks amazing! :D

  3. That's an epic drawing! I love the face especially, and the shines in the glasses! o3o

  4. Thank you guys!! I'm going to put more art up soon! Maybe later today.