Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hey, Guys! I'm Going to start doing daily posts!! Well, In the comments I want you guys to say what you want me to do in my posts! Like a jammer of the month? A den of the day? Cute looks for your animals? Anyways, Todays new item is The Woven Hat!
Aww, The little butterfly is so cute! But sadly.... I CAN'T BUY IT.... If  I could, I would make a cute gardener look! I might get a membership later today, though!

Ok, So today I went to the Summer Carnival and got my new high score on phantom ball!!
 Oh yeah!! 6500 points!! I'm so childish...

Man... The number glitch hit the Summer Carnival!!

Gosh, that glitch is annoying....
Anyways I have a weird glitch for you.... (Yep, another glitch...)

Is that a new item? Nope, it's a rare coat... Looks like a dress of some sort!
Hey, come visit my den! It's a non member tree house! 
Its includes a deck, stairs, (yep, STAIRSS) a lot of trees, ect!

Oh, hey! I forgot a glitch!!
(I know... Glitch, Glitch, Glitch...)

(Don't worry, it still gives your gems to you..)

Well, Happy Jamming!!

Hey! If you have any plushies for trade, Comment below your username!

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