Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hey guys, sorry for not posting. Anyways, updates, updates, updates! Heres the bucket load of em...

A new under water Adventure! Dolphin alpha? I'm glad AJHQ is bringing more alphas to Animal Jam.

Otters!! There adorable, can't wait for otters to come!

 Oh a page about the new Insiders guide! I should ask my parents for it...

A pet sale? And you can look in the den before you buy it?! Thats cool... I tried it out, you get to walk in the den... Great!

Well I have a little random picture of a fox, Don't ask xD

 Happy Jamming gu-oh wait I forgot a page of the Jamaa Journal!
Alright, your going to be excited for this one...

Oh yay! Icecream parlor theme! I'm glad a lot of people voted for this.. Bt anyways, did you notice these numbers?? Are they just page numbers they added in the update or what?

Tell me what you think in the comments! Can't wait to read them.

                      Happy Jamming, guys!

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