Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hey guys!! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I'll post yesterdays new item too c: So, todays new item is The ant farm.

I love this item, I love the animation! Now, yesterdays new item was the sented candle.

I love this item, to bad you can't smell it! Heh... Anyways I have awesome news.....

I believe it's the least rarest item I got over these 2 days!

Long bow, not that rare anymore... But still really cool!

Werewolf mask, a lovely Halloween item!

Another Halloween item, I love witch hats!

I have no idea the rarity of this beta vase, still cool.

This is o- Oh, can't spoil it!!

A green spike collar!! That's all I could say!!

AH! Yellow long spiked collar! I'm excited about this one, a lot! I believe all of these items are on trade! You are welcome to offer!

Bye guys!


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