Thursday, September 18, 2014

We're Back!

Hey!! We're back, posted on the update like I said! Well todays pretty exciting, The pet monkeys are back!
                                                         They were an old Member Gift.

Aww, There so fluffy and cute AAH!! Sorry you had to see that.... Anyways, There some more exciting stuff today, a new GAME!

It is actually Quite fun, it's called Spot On. It's kind of hard, but I liked it. Try it if you already havn't! Or if you have, play it again! Man.... I can't believe I got llama wrong though! Anyways, some more good news! Pandas are back!

Yay! Also, be sure to watch that video, I didn't really get it but.... Maybe you will. Please say what you think! Well one more page today, and a new item!

Halloween is coming to those who celebrate! Can't wait to eat all that candy... Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.... And what a cute wheelbarrow Planter! I see real versions of those all the time... Well Have a great day, guys!


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