Monday, June 30, 2014

Hey guys! So sorry for not posting that often!!! Well, to make up for that I got some art!!! (But first my actual post, of course!)

Well, in other news I'm a member!! (Again) I got the new den too!! (As you see in the screenshot up there!)  You're welcome to visit, I'm birdy12447!!

Gosh It's so big.... I love it! It was hard to design.... But still cool!! Anyways, Todays RIM (rare item monday..) Is the 
                       Freedom Tie!!

AJHQ is really getting into Freedom stuff this 4th of July! Thats a good thing, of course!! Speaking of 4th of July... 
     Its coming up soon! There for, more fireworks!!
Go see some at the freedom party!! In other news, Pet giraffes!

Daaaw... How cute! I love that stitchy pattern!! That's what I put on my giraffe! Well sorry for not putting EVERYTHING I missed... But I put some of the most recent ones at least!
Now, time for what all of you've been waiting for.... Art!

My cheetah Griffon! It's missing its glove, but oh well!!

                              Bye Guys!

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