Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting yesterday! My sister was hogging the computer!
 Well anyways,   todays new item is The Cosmo Tiki Statue.

It looks like he has a cramp of some sort.. Maybe a charlie horse? Constipated? I don't know...
Well I've noticed a lot of my friends been getting rarer from that eagle adventure...

(My friend, Mrc627257's list)

See what I mean? She was never this rare! (And thanks for letting me use your list for example, mrc!) Theres still some items that need to come out from the adventure!
Sorry for the short post, guys!

See ya!


  1. Great blog! I love it! I should follow :D (If you have followers XD)

  2. Cool blog! :)
    XD I know right? I think Cosmo is the freakiest Alpha Tiki Statue out of all of them, with Greely being the least freakiest. How ironic!
    (Again) I know right! Ever since the Eagles Adventure, my buddies with eagles got so many good rares/beta items on their animals and/or on their trade lists.


  3. Lol, Ikr! He looks constipated. Yeah, And my buddies have gotten so rare. My friend sujocakes got a purple rare long collar.. She's so lucky. Man, Tough day. o3o. Anyway, Yeah =P

  4. Awesome! And I agree people are getting rarer... but that's good! The rares aren't rare anymore! Maybe we'll have an AJ without the scamming and hacking! That would be pawesome!! :D

    1. Yah, I like the idea of that! No scamming... That would be living the dream life on animal jam!