Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hey guys! Yippee!! First big update post!!! Todays update is pretty exciting! First off, there's a new Adventure!! 

Sounds fun, especially because its for all jammers! If you want to know where the prizes are, click HERE!
In other news, theres new stuff on the daily spin!!

If anyone gets a rare prize, tell me what it is, please!
Well anyways, there's more colors to design your animal with!

50 colors? Golly! Also, you can still use the secret color!
Just click on the side of the light purple!
Hey look, the new armor is the Spirit Armor!
The member gift of April 2013 (spirit helmet and spirit armor)and May 2013 (spirit glove)!
But the necklace and tail is new...

Hmm, looks nice on the wolf!
Anyways, be sure to check out the sale in the Flag Shop!

Hey! Those sale signs are actually useful, for once!

Ha, I'm weird...
Oh know.. Sad news!!
Lions are endangered!!

Don't forget to pick up yours from the diamond shop before they leave!
Hey, I have good news to cheer you guys up!
A contest!!!

Yay! I'm excited for this one! In fact, I made mine already!
No copying, please!

I already sent it in... Well It looks like its to the end of my post...

Happy Jamming!!

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